Children's Counselling

Childrens Counselling

Growing up can be very challenging and confusing at times, add to that relationship breakdowns, exams peer pressure and other difficult experiences and life can be really tough.

Coming to talk to a counsellor is a sign that although you are struggling you are taking control of your future and taking the first step to becoming the best that you can.

My role would be to help you understand these difficulties, discover where and when they all started and identify how we can work together to work through them.

Everything discussed would be completely confidential, unless I was worried you or other people were at risk of harm.

When I work with young children although the session content remains confidential it is helpful to have some work with the parents and child (if the child agrees) to help support strategies be put in place.

I work with children from the ages of 7 upwards.  Counselling for children is more child led to ensure the childs needs are met. 

If you feel you or your child would benefit from counselling, please contact me for a free consultation to discover if counselling is what you need.