Welcome to Cardiff Counselling Services!

Are you fed up of.....

  • Feeling stressed and anxious
  • Having situations going round and round in your head and never finding the answer
  • Finding it difficult to say 'no' without feeling guilty
  • Waking up in the morning feeling tired and hopeless


........and you would like things to change?      Why not start here, now?

I'm Lynn and have spent a lifetime either challenging my own voices or helping others to challenge theirs.  Talking though these issues to really figure out what is going on inside our heads and work out how to live the life you want.

I will help you to...

  • Learn how to help yourself be calm: sleep, relax and make time for you
  • Stop your head spinning and find the right answer for you
  • Become confident in who you are and what you want and need
  • Start to find energy and live the life you want

If this sounds like what you are looking for, book a free consultation now!



Counselling for specific issues e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement and workplace stress.

Children's Counselling

Helping children to manage and resolve difficult emotions and circumstances in a positive manner and develop coping strategies for the future.

Corporate Counselling

A happy positive workforce makes for a productive team.

If you have staff who are struggling with work  or personal issues find out how counselling can help.

For further information please telephone me on  07827 505566 or complete the form below and I will reply by email.

Thank you for your interest.